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Ru San Midtown: Matt Keene Reagan

Location: Midtown Atlanta, Piedmont Road
Your waiter:
Matt - as in Matthew
Keene - K - E - E- N - E
Reagan - as in the ex president is how he introduced himself. Much later, after a lot of noise and music and watching him flirt with everybody in the restaurant, from the tiny 9 month old to the 6 year old to yours truly.

As the evening wore on, though, we got to know him also as Matt-SAN and Sake BOMB!

    I also have affectionately dubbed him:
  • Tasty Man Sushi
  • The Maniac Waiter
  • The Hottie Waiter
  • King of the Sake Bomb
  • Yummy Bishounen Waiter.
He is the closest thing to a real, live anime boy I've seen in a long time. Huge brown eyes. Immense big giant brown eyes. All that alcohol made them all dialated, too, so they seemed even bigger.

Speed of service: Slow. But not Matt's fault. They were crammed tonight. And we got free cucumber mini-salads and one Saturday Night Special sushi each for being kept waiting.

Accuracy of service: Just shy of excellent. Matt remembered my Mui Bueno sushi had no mayo, but forgot I was taking the leftovers home, and thus tossed them and had to make me up a fresh batch. There's also the fact that he accidentally overdid it with the grain alcohol and strawberries, trying to impress mommyjenn and nearly set the table on fire. Not to mention his own hands.

Attention: Scale of 1 to 10? He was shooting for 20, but he made 15, easy. One too many Sake Bombs meant he kind of forgot my leftovers and our dessert, and to be a little less dramatic about the flaming dessert -- but it was fun to watch.

Personality: Again, scale of 1 to 10, he was shooting for 20, but made 15, easy. See above. Every table in the place got attention. He would stop and do a round of Sake Bombs with the bar while waiting for orders to come up. A bit of a waver, and a lot of apologizing for flaws in performance I, personally couldn't see until we realized he'd forgotten about my leftover sushi and the dessert he'd conned us into. All in all, though, it was so much fun just having him at the table mugging it up shamelessly that it was worth the price of the check and then some. mommyjenn and I both tipped him fairly generously, too.

Aesthetic: 8. See above. Bishounen waiter. The sake bombs were getting to him by the time we were ready to go, though.


If you want to be entertained while you eat your sushi, you want to go to this restaurant on Sundays and Mondays, 'cause that's when Matt "Sake Bomb!" Keene Reagan is there. The man is a 24 year old college student who's juggling major life events as if they were flaming chainsaws, with a smile on his face the whole time.

The evening started a bit past 8, and we were sat at a cramped li'l booth by the window.

I wish I could remember all the details. They all start to blur, now. Matt somehow got the impression we were from Creative Loafing because I mentioned rating him here. I kept saying, "No, it's a blog! It's a blog!"

What the hell is a Sake Bomb? It's Kirin Beer and a shot of Sake. It's rather like the thing they call "Boilermaker" or "Car bomb." Drink it fast or the combination of alcohol will cause an explosion.

mommyjenn laid down a challenge against Matt-SAN [they yell a lot at Ru San's. They yell a whole lot!].

I think The Tasty Man Sushi only won because mommyjenn was not prepared for a challenge tonight.
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