Idealist Trapped in a Cynical World (paradisacorbasi) wrote in rateyourwaiter,
Idealist Trapped in a Cynical World

PF Chang's bar staff

Location: Roswell, GA
Your waiter: I didn't get his name, and he didn't have a nametag. Neither did his receipt say anything but ToGo on it where his name should've been, but that's because I was getting the order as take-out rather than eating it at the bar, because I wanted to get home after a really, really, really, really bad day.
Speed of service: [8] Considering it was Christmas Eve and they were pretty slammed, it was still very fast. And he got the order in as fast as I gave it. It was the kitchen that slowed it down.
Accuracy of service: [10]. I'd go better than 10 if we had it to go. He got the order 100% correct, called me back when he realized something had not been bagged properly, handed me a new bag, and apologized for the kitchen insisting on including the raspberry sauce I said I didn't want on my dessert. He then asked me if I wanted caramel and/or vanilla, and went personally to get them and add them himself to my bag so he'd know they were there. He said again he was sorry, and that I could just trash the raspberry sauce.
Attention: [9] Again, considering it was Christmas Eve and they were slammed, he was very friendly and agreeable. He also made sure I had complimentary drive_ok beverages while I waited for my order to go.
Personality: [7] A little cool, but got friendlier. And his apology for the raspberry sauce, which wasn't even his fault, was genuinely sincere. That matters a lot to me.
Aesthetic: [6] He looks like he belongs on Friends. A bit too scrubbed and boy-next-door for me, but still attractive. I imagine his girl or boyfriend's parents think well enough of him. *wink*
Comments: He was treating me like I was Kwan Yin herself before I tipped him $10 off a $27 check. He deserved it. It was good service, as much attention as necessary [as did his coworker at the bar also stop to be friendly and chatty when time permitted], and it's Christmas. Tips are a big deal to waitstaffers, and he earned his. The food, BTW, is also pretty good. They have the closest thing to what I consider a correct dumpling since I've left VA or NY.
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