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rateyourwaiter's Journal

Good Service? Bad Service? Rate Your Waiter!
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When you go out to eat have you had a memorable dining experience either because your waitstaffer was excellent or because they were excremental? Now you can share your experiences, good and bad, with rateyourwaiter!

Your community moderators: closer2myself and indigoskynet

DISCLAIMER: Waiter is not a sexist term. It means "one who waits," as server means "one who serves." We are not being PC-enabling by using waiter/waitress and requiring everyone to do so. If you want to, that's fine. If you'd rather say 'server', that's fine too. Just know that we're using 'waiter' as the default term, and that it is a non-gender-specific term.

Also, there is no dispute that being a waiter is an easy job, and that not all customers are the kind who make the job easy. If you're a waiter who wants to complain about lousy customers making your job hell, then customers_suck is probably where you want to go. This is not the right community to protest as a waiter how badly the customers treat you.

And finally, we're talking about sit down and get served restaurants. Drive throughs, fast food, and food courts are not really applicable.

1. Be respectful and show manners. No flaming. If you flame, you get one warning; a second violation will result in your removal from the community and a ban from posting. The community is not for people to make their ego trips by trampling somebody else. If you are posting anything that is long, has photographs, or is not work-safe, please be courteous and use <LJ-CUT>.

2. Use correct grammar/spelling when possible, please. LJ has a spellchecker, as does semagic. It's not a whole lot to ask. Typos happen, and we're understanding, but that's not the same thing as not bothering to spellcheck. This information will be potentially helpful to others, so it should be easily understood.

3. Stay on topic. Off topic posts will likewise get one warning and a second violation will get one removed and banned from the community.

How do you rateyourwaiter? Easy. You can cut and paste the form below and use that for your entry.

Please remember it's courteous to <LJ-CUT> if you have an extremely long entry, an entry with photographs, or an entry that is otherwise not work/school safe.

Your waiter:
Speed of service:
Accuracy of service:

What do these mean?
Name of restaurant is the restaurant you encountered the waiter you're rating.

Location is which restaurant location you were at where you encountered the waiter you're rating.

Your waiter is the person who you're rating.

Speed of service: how long did your waiter keep you waiting between
"Hi, my name is _____" and
"what would you like to drink?"
and "would you like an appetizer"
and "are you ready to order or would you like a few minutes?"

Accuracy of service: Did your waiter get your drinks right? [this is especially a big thing if you have a huge party of people] Did your waiter cook your meal to order? Did your waiter remember to leave off that which you asked left off, or bring extra of what you requested extra?

Attention: Goes with speed -- how quick was your waiter with the free refills [where applicable]? Did s/he come by to check if everything is okay? Did s/he wait until your mouth was full to ask if everything was okay? If there were babies or children or special needs folks in your party, were they treated like part of the party or ignored?

Personality: Was your waiter friendly and attentive, or haggard and cranky? Did they take the time to chat you up even though it was busy? Did they make recommendations if/when asked "what's good?" or even better, without having been asked?

Aesthetic: Did you find your waiter/waitress attractive enough to mitigate poor performance or enhance good performance?

Comments: Anything you'd like to mention not covered above. Feel free to discuss anything and everything else about your dining experience here.

Rating System:
We rate on a 1-10 scale where

0: Unacceptably poor. Bad enough to warrant a word to the manager.
1 - 3: Fair.
4 - 6: Low, Average, a bit above average.
7 - 9: Very good.
10: Excellent. Good enough to merit a word to the manager.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I do an <LJ-CUT>?
You type the following:
<LJ-CUT> by itself will give you a link to click on that says simply (Read more...)
<LJ-CUT TEXT="Click for my rave about that guy at Hooters!"> will give you a link to click on that says (Click for my rave about that guy at Hooters!)

To turn off <LJ-CUT>, type:

and anything you type after </LJ-CUT> will appear in the main entry after the LJ-CUT link.

Do I have to put the location of the restaurant where I'm rating my waiter?
No. It's nice to have but not necessary; especially if you're unhappy with your waiter, want to just have a quick rant, but intend to go back and eat at that restaurant again.