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Saturday, November 16

NAME OF RESTAURANT: Mozzarella's American Cafe

Location: Galleria Mall, Marietta GA

Your waiter: Shawn

Speed of service: 6 - nothing special one way or the other, and it should've been, as we were only a party of six, and the place was empty, even at lunchtime, near dinnertime.

Accuracy of service: 4. Shawn was not big with the telling people things they should have known before filling their orders. closer2myself ended up having to send her soup back, and I ordered my burger medium rare. Rather than telling me that it was the restaurant's policy to never cook a burger less than medium well, he served it and I found out the hard way biting into a dry, hard hockey puck of a burger. My appetite was ruined by this, and I was too upset to order anything else.

Attention: 8. He was good with the refills and making sure everybody else had what they wanted. He also was good enough to get a manager when I expressed displeasure with the way the burger fiasco went.

Personality: 8. He was friendly and pleasant. I got flirted with, a little.

Aesthetic: 7. I might've flirted back if I hadn't been so disgusted/annoyed with the burger fiasco.

Comments: American Cafe has joined the list of restaurants I will never again order a burger from. I had a bruschetta for an appetizer which was also pretty feeble. Suffice to say this restaurant hasn't really impressed me. The last time we went, they were out of something that was on the menu. To their credit, I did get my bruschetta and my iced tea free because of the burger fiasco, but well, I wanted a burger and there was no way I was going to get an edible one there at that time. You know how it is when you want something in particular, and nothing else will do? That's how that was for me that day with the burger. I could've got one of their pasta dishes, but I wanted a burger.
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