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From this Summer


Location: Atlanta, GA.

Your waiter: photognome

Speed of service: 10. Fast as the kitchen was able to get it to him, he got it to us.

Accuracy of service: 10. I had no complaints at all. I am pretty sure closer2myself was also pleased with her meal.

Attention: 10. Despite the fact that it was like 2 am, photognome was quick to make sure we had everything we wanted. He also was on top of what they were already out of, or became so within seconds of taking our orders.

Personality: 10. It was the middle of the night, like 2 am, and photognome was not only a little ball of sunshine and laughter, but when he heard me say I thought he was huggably cute, he asked me if I really wanted to give him a hug. I did. He also paused to chat me up about my artwork, as I'd brought a sketchbook in with me while we waited. Then he showed me some of his own photos, as well. And we exchanged LJ names, which is how I know he's photognome.

All that plus he made sure my burger was cooked right. "Medium rare! I had to slap it twice to make sure it stayed on the plate, honey!"

Aesthetic: 7. Like I said, huggably cute. I wanted to just cuddle him! Hard to be in a bad mood even if you're in a restaurant in the middle of the night and you're tired and cranky with a waiter who is nothing short of a walking teddy bear.

Comments: The food was really good, though the herbal tea's a bit too out there for my personal taste. The restaurant itself is an eclectic jumble of birds, windchimes, and interesting whirligigs. Your food could get cold while you look at all the interesting stuff all over the restaurant!
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