Idealist Trapped in a Cynical World (paradisacorbasi) wrote in rateyourwaiter,
Idealist Trapped in a Cynical World

Chinese Food with a sweet mom-like lady

NAME OF RESTAURANT: Double Dragon [yes, I had dinner at a restaurant named after a Video Game]
Location: Fairgrounds Road, Marietta, GA
Your waiter: I did not get her name, and she never gave it, which is the only negative thing I can say about her.
Speed of service: Rapid. [10]
Accuracy of service: It was buffet type food, so all she brought us was chopsticks and drinks, but she did that quickly and pleasantly.
Attention: [10] Oh, well, here she excelled. She came over to refill quickly. She got chopsticks quickly. She asked elena23 "why arent you eating?" in this sweet voice with this vaguely disapproving expression. elena23 promptly looked guilty and chastened and said, "I'm waiting for the vegetable lo mein." She asked me what I did to my hands, and tut-tutted affectionately at me. And when we left, she called out to us "Goodbye! Thank you! Happy Holidays!" and waved cheerfully, but very sincerely.
Personality: [10] See above. She was a darling. I just wanted to hug her. The place wasn't too crowded, but she was giving everybody attention like that.
Aesthetic: [7] She is getting up there in years but my personal opinion is that she was drop dead gorgeous when she was much younger. And her personality makes her beautiful.

Comments: The waitress we had made the experience. Their food is sort of weird. Their dumplings are made with eggroll wrappers and are all mushy inside with meat and vegetables mixed up with time-delay hot spices. Not what I'm used to from Chinese or Japanese gyoza dumplings. The search continues. The sesame chicken sauce was sweet-and-sour. Also not what I'm used to; unexpected. Sweet-and-sour is something I only like when I feel like it. elena23 said the lo mein is sweet too. However, the wontons were perfect. I may go by there just for the soup at this rate. And they have real mongolian barbecue like at the Dumpling House in NY, though the setup is different so I never recognized it as such.
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