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Date:2009-02-12 09:17
Subject:The Cliff House Restaurant
Mood: bouncy

Location: San Francisco CA
Your server: I forgot his name, but I want to call him Speedy, Speedy Gonzales!:)
Speed of service: 7 He was alert, precise and very polite even though the restaurant was jam-packed and so busy that Friday lunchtime.
Accuracy of service: 8 As we went the entrance door, Speedy approached us and asked if how many we are. Then he set up our tables and bar stools. Speedy got all our orders exactly what we've asked of him. Though there were some delays on the extra orders, but it was good enough.
Attention: 8 Speedy was all attention to our table. From time to time, he will ask us if we need anything else.
Personality: 7 He smiles a lot, never gets tired I guess. He's friendly, patient and very polite.
Overall rating: 8

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Date:2005-06-01 22:44

Location: Waco, Texas
Your waiter: Chris, I believe
Speed of service: 6-7 : After being seated, we waited about 5 minutes for him to come over and get our drink order. Normally, this wouldn't be so bad, however, it was a Tuesday night and not busy at all. After our two friends got there, Chris came right back to take our orders. Our food only took about 15 minutes or so. It was after we got our food that the service started being horrible. We were about to physically get up and hunt him down to get us drink refills and when he finally did come back to refill, he only brought water pitcher. I asked for more tea and some more guacamole. He said he'd bring it right back. He never did bring the guacamole and I didn't get any more tea until he brought our check. Good thing we didn't need change.
Accuracy of service: 0:Our meals were ok except I asked for onions on the side, but there were none. He forgot to bring me additional guacamole and my friend never got her extra honey mustard, either.
Attention: 0: Horrible. Like I said above, he was hardly at our table except when he was forced to be (take orders, bring check). I didn't get a tea refill until I was done eating. When he did come back he never asked if everythign was ok, etc.
Personality: 0: Dry. He never once smiled. Didn't know anything about Happy Hour specials when I asked. me: "What are your happy hour specials?" him: "all the beers" me: "yeah, but how much are they?" him: "um, pretty much i think it's all $1 off almost everything..."
Aesthetic: 1: Not particularly
Comments: Normally I give servers a break because I'm a server as well...but I couldn't do that for him. He was horrible! I don't know how he makes any money being a server.

Rating: 3 the only thing keeping him from getting a 0 is the speed of our food being brought out.

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Date:2005-02-26 17:06

Location: Mississauga
Your server: I can't remember her name
Speed of service: 5 she was very slow, however they were very busy that night
Accuracy of service: 6 she got all our orders right, except my friend ordered a coke and ended up with a Long-Island Iced Tea. Also she didn't carry the drinks on a tray, which is like one of the worst things you could do (her fingers were literally inside the glasses, so gross!)
Attention: 3 she never came to see us at all to ask how we were doing or anything.
Personality: 6 she seemed friendly but she didn't really talk to us.
Aesthetic: 7 she was cute but didn't smile
Comments: I usually love Kelsey's, and even though it's only a road-house restaurant, I do expect more from them than what I received. The food was excellent though.

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Date:2005-01-05 15:24
Subject:anyone in Nottingham?

Hello. I came here from waitingtables.

I work in Zizzis in Nottingham in the UK. Anyone eat there and want to rate? I'd be curious to see how my colleagues and I match up to your standards. =)

Happy New Year, everyone!

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Date:2003-08-09 23:35
Subject:Ru San Midtown: Matt Keene Reagan
Mood: full

Location: Midtown Atlanta, Piedmont Road
Your waiter:
Matt - as in Matthew
Keene - K - E - E- N - E
Reagan - as in the ex president is how he introduced himself. Much later, after a lot of noise and music and watching him flirt with everybody in the restaurant, from the tiny 9 month old to the 6 year old to yours truly.

As the evening wore on, though, we got to know him also as Matt-SAN and Sake BOMB!

    I also have affectionately dubbed him:
  • Tasty Man Sushi
  • The Maniac Waiter
  • The Hottie Waiter
  • King of the Sake Bomb
  • Yummy Bishounen Waiter.
He is the closest thing to a real, live anime boy I've seen in a long time. Huge brown eyes. Immense big giant brown eyes. All that alcohol made them all dialated, too, so they seemed even bigger.

Speed of service: Slow. But not Matt's fault. They were crammed tonight. And we got free cucumber mini-salads and one Saturday Night Special sushi each for being kept waiting.

Accuracy of service: Just shy of excellent. Matt remembered my Mui Bueno sushi had no mayo, but forgot I was taking the leftovers home, and thus tossed them and had to make me up a fresh batch. There's also the fact that he accidentally overdid it with the grain alcohol and strawberries, trying to impress mommyjenn and nearly set the table on fire. Not to mention his own hands.

Attention: Scale of 1 to 10? He was shooting for 20, but he made 15, easy. One too many Sake Bombs meant he kind of forgot my leftovers and our dessert, and to be a little less dramatic about the flaming dessert -- but it was fun to watch.

Personality: Again, scale of 1 to 10, he was shooting for 20, but made 15, easy. See above. Every table in the place got attention. He would stop and do a round of Sake Bombs with the bar while waiting for orders to come up. A bit of a waver, and a lot of apologizing for flaws in performance I, personally couldn't see until we realized he'd forgotten about my leftover sushi and the dessert he'd conned us into. All in all, though, it was so much fun just having him at the table mugging it up shamelessly that it was worth the price of the check and then some. mommyjenn and I both tipped him fairly generously, too.

Aesthetic: 8. See above. Bishounen waiter. The sake bombs were getting to him by the time we were ready to go, though.


If you want to be entertained while you eat your sushi, you want to go to this restaurant on Sundays and Mondays, 'cause that's when Matt "Sake Bomb!" Keene Reagan is there. The man is a 24 year old college student who's juggling major life events as if they were flaming chainsaws, with a smile on his face the whole time.

The evening started a bit past 8, and we were sat at a cramped li'l booth by the window.

I wish I could remember all the details. They all start to blur, now. Matt somehow got the impression we were from Creative Loafing because I mentioned rating him here. I kept saying, "No, it's a blog! It's a blog!"

What the hell is a Sake Bomb? It's Kirin Beer and a shot of Sake. It's rather like the thing they call "Boilermaker" or "Car bomb." Drink it fast or the combination of alcohol will cause an explosion.

mommyjenn laid down a challenge against Matt-SAN [they yell a lot at Ru San's. They yell a whole lot!].

I think The Tasty Man Sushi only won because mommyjenn was not prepared for a challenge tonight.

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Date:2003-07-25 17:37
Subject:first post
Mood: accomplished

Location: Ann Arbor, MI
Your waiter: Sarah (perky brunette)
Speed of service: 8
Accuracy of service: 5
Aesthetic: 10
Sarah was great, she promptly greated us and was more then accomading that my friends and i are a bit slow at times :). our drinks were served fast, although the bar mistook my friends order for a drink with baileys, ice cream and chocalte blended for a mudslide - but she didnt care because she likes those too. our burgers were cooked to perfection except they put some weird relish stuff on my bun that was not mentioned in the menu so i polietly asked for a different bottom bun and sarah ran and got it. sarah felt bad for the mixups that occured during our dinner (my friends burger was supossed to have chedder but they put american) that she bought us a round of drinks. she made excellent conversation and when she found out i was a fellow server (at another restaurant here - bds mongolian bbq) we had much in common. the only thing that was bad was the accurarcy of the order but none of it seemed to be her fault. she gets an A

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Date:2003-07-24 22:56
Subject:(Disney) Boatwright's Dining Hall in the Port Orleans Riverside Hotel, Orlando FL
Mood: pissed off

Name of Restaurant:
Boatwright's Dining Hall
This is the in-hotel restaurant for the Port Orleans Riverside Hotel, one of the many resorts on the Walt Disney World property in Orlando, FL. The hotel is $200/night and up, and the entrees were $12 minimum, averaging about $15, maxing out at $20. Figure that the PPA is probably $22-$25.
Your waiter:
Speed of service: [9 then 2]
Lacking. They set us up a table quickly, and had us seated in under 2 minutes. It was 6:30-ish and at the time we sat down we were the only table in that particular dining room, so the speediness here isn't saying much. But, the service after that was ... less than energetic.
Accuracy of service: [5]
Everything we ordered came out as ordered, with the exception of a carafe of regular soda that should have been diet. However, see the Comments section for a detailing of the horrendous ordering ordeal.
Attention: [2]
Barely Minimal. There was no "How does everything taste?" check-in, and in fact we did not see our server for a good 30 minutes after the entrees were delivered. Also, our server only delivered 1 of the 8 plates, the rest were delivered by someone else. Our server was not visibly busy, but the layout of the restaurant prevented us from seeing if she was busy with other tables in other sections. Another server who had several tables in our section bussed our entree dishes after we had been done for a good 10 minutes, and did the dessert suggestive selling. We declined, and a few minutes later our server came out, bussed one last plate, and again asked if we wanted dessert, apparently oblivious to the other server's efforts.
Personality: [2]
Again, minimal. We were all in a good mood, having just enjoyed a day at Disney, and our server just did not pick up any cues to try to join in on our fun. She didn't even ask how our day at the theme parks went. (Which, honestly, I would figure would be the first question to pretty much every table at a restaurant in a Disney resort.) I'm not saying she needed to join in our revelry, but she made absolutely no attempt to match or work with our mood.
Aesthetic: [8]
Very nice. No complaints here.
I've never had a worse dining experience.
Seriously. Read more.Collapse )

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Date:2002-12-25 13:44
Subject:PF Chang's bar staff

Location: Roswell, GA
Your waiter: I didn't get his name, and he didn't have a nametag. Neither did his receipt say anything but ToGo on it where his name should've been, but that's because I was getting the order as take-out rather than eating it at the bar, because I wanted to get home after a really, really, really, really bad day.
Speed of service: [8] Considering it was Christmas Eve and they were pretty slammed, it was still very fast. And he got the order in as fast as I gave it. It was the kitchen that slowed it down.
Accuracy of service: [10]. I'd go better than 10 if we had it to go. He got the order 100% correct, called me back when he realized something had not been bagged properly, handed me a new bag, and apologized for the kitchen insisting on including the raspberry sauce I said I didn't want on my dessert. He then asked me if I wanted caramel and/or vanilla, and went personally to get them and add them himself to my bag so he'd know they were there. He said again he was sorry, and that I could just trash the raspberry sauce.
Attention: [9] Again, considering it was Christmas Eve and they were slammed, he was very friendly and agreeable. He also made sure I had complimentary drive_ok beverages while I waited for my order to go.
Personality: [7] A little cool, but got friendlier. And his apology for the raspberry sauce, which wasn't even his fault, was genuinely sincere. That matters a lot to me.
Aesthetic: [6] He looks like he belongs on Friends. A bit too scrubbed and boy-next-door for me, but still attractive. I imagine his girl or boyfriend's parents think well enough of him. *wink*
Comments: He was treating me like I was Kwan Yin herself before I tipped him $10 off a $27 check. He deserved it. It was good service, as much attention as necessary [as did his coworker at the bar also stop to be friendly and chatty when time permitted], and it's Christmas. Tips are a big deal to waitstaffers, and he earned his. The food, BTW, is also pretty good. They have the closest thing to what I consider a correct dumpling since I've left VA or NY.

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Date:2002-12-15 10:21
Subject:Chinese Food with a sweet mom-like lady

NAME OF RESTAURANT: Double Dragon [yes, I had dinner at a restaurant named after a Video Game]
Location: Fairgrounds Road, Marietta, GA
Your waiter: I did not get her name, and she never gave it, which is the only negative thing I can say about her.
Speed of service: Rapid. [10]
Accuracy of service: It was buffet type food, so all she brought us was chopsticks and drinks, but she did that quickly and pleasantly.
Attention: [10] Oh, well, here she excelled. She came over to refill quickly. She got chopsticks quickly. She asked elena23 "why arent you eating?" in this sweet voice with this vaguely disapproving expression. elena23 promptly looked guilty and chastened and said, "I'm waiting for the vegetable lo mein." She asked me what I did to my hands, and tut-tutted affectionately at me. And when we left, she called out to us "Goodbye! Thank you! Happy Holidays!" and waved cheerfully, but very sincerely.
Personality: [10] See above. She was a darling. I just wanted to hug her. The place wasn't too crowded, but she was giving everybody attention like that.
Aesthetic: [7] She is getting up there in years but my personal opinion is that she was drop dead gorgeous when she was much younger. And her personality makes her beautiful.

Comments: The waitress we had made the experience. Their food is sort of weird. Their dumplings are made with eggroll wrappers and are all mushy inside with meat and vegetables mixed up with time-delay hot spices. Not what I'm used to from Chinese or Japanese gyoza dumplings. The search continues. The sesame chicken sauce was sweet-and-sour. Also not what I'm used to; unexpected. Sweet-and-sour is something I only like when I feel like it. elena23 said the lo mein is sweet too. However, the wontons were perfect. I may go by there just for the soup at this rate. And they have real mongolian barbecue like at the Dumpling House in NY, though the setup is different so I never recognized it as such.

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Date:2002-12-08 20:39
Mood: working


Location: Peachtree Street in Atlanta, GA

Your waiter: Catherine

Speed of service: 8 - Business was surprisingly brisk for an early Sunday evening, but Catherine was told we were on a time limit and did her very best to make sure we were able to meet our timetable.

Accuracy of service: 10 - Catherine took our orders spot on, even coming back to make sure that indigoskynet did not in fact want anything on top of her pasta.

Attention: 10 - Catherine checked up on us regularly, came and apologized when she felt things were running a bit slow, and went out of her way to share her favorite drinks in the cafe - Hot Chocolate Glasgow and Butterscotch Creme.

Personality: 9.5 - Catherine was really friendly and funny. The slight incremental drop is due to her not agreeing with me that Kermit and Miss Piggy are married, 'cause they are, dammit! That's what the minister was for in Muppets Take Manhattan!

Aesthetic: 10 - Catherine was adorable. As indigoskynet has said, Catherine should have played the part of Jinx in 'Die Another Day' instead of that annoying Halle Berry. I hate Halle Berry.

Comments: I have consistently found the daytime waiters at Intermezzo to be much nicer then the night staff. I think that's mainly because in the daytime the cafe tends to cater more torwards shoppers and families and groups of friends on day-outings, while at night it becomes a Principality of Yuppy-dom, and hence is more of a Trendy Cafe. The drink menu is 32 pages long and superb, and the dessert rack is legendary.

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Date:2002-12-08 15:07
Subject:Kabob Cafe, NYC (Queens)

When I talk about overall restaurant experience...this place is the winner. It is a small Egyptian restaurant that seats maybe a dozen people. Mostly couples eat there..but I go in groups of four. The owner is the chef and waiter. He has one assistant (who I would assume chops and cleans.)


Location: Steinway Street, Astoria, Queens, NYC, NY.

Your waiter: The only waiter, and the chef/owner...Ali.

Speed of service:7. This is not a speed oriented restaurant. When he is busy it can be a bit slow. When the restaurnt is slow...he can work faster. Bread/drinks are usually what is slow if he is busy.

Accuracy of service: 10. The dishes are always correct

Attention:10. Ali is an incredible person, and is interested in every customer. They are all treated like gold. Time Out NY named him "Best reason to go off prozak." Ali has been interviewed in various newspapers and radio shows. Often he is interviewed about neighborhood ethnicity issues.

Personality: Great person who takes time to chitchat with all his customers and treats them all like guests in his home...other than charging them. :) Everey1 feels comfortable there...even my friend who is uncomfortable in restaurants.

Aesthetic: Snmall place. Was recently completely redone. Lots of interesting Middle Eastern art and knicknacks.

Comments: This is the kind of place where you don't use a menu. Ali tells you the specials (duck, goat,lamb,chicken, 3 kinds of fish, shrimp, etc...) and you choose one. Plus a veggie appetizer platter or a beet salad are good recommendations. Mint or hibiscus tea (hot or cold) is made fresh (and has fruit) and is great.

I've posted actual reviews of the place at nyc_cuisine at some point or other. :)

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Date:2002-12-07 23:36

Location:Westgate Mall Spartanburg SC
Your waiter:Megan
Speed of service: (6)Took a bit to get seated but once we were seated she came and got our orders for drinks and for food
Accuracy of service:(10) We got everything we asked for
Attention:(6) She took a while to refill drinks but It was VERY busy..There was an incident where I thought she was asking us how we were doing and she was in fact asking another table. She kept asking them and asked us maybe once or twice.
Personality:(10) Funny and Nice...she had to write her name upside down and we all had a good laugh when she couldn't get the G right.
Aesthetic: (9) umm. I dont feel right saying anything about the appearance of another person unless they stink or are that hideous.
Comments: She was our christmas waiter of the year. Once a year we pick one waiter who is really busy but still does a good job serving us and give her a twenty dollar tip with "Merry Christmas-Santa Clause" written on it.

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Date:2002-11-23 13:05
Mood: working


Location: Cobb Parkway in Atlanta, GA

Your waiter: Liam

Speed of service: 7 - There was a bit of a lag between courses, however Italian food doesn't always cook fast.

Accuracy of service: 10 - Liam took everyone's order correctly.

Attention: 7 - Liam kept the drinks coming, but was a bit slow to pick up used dishes which kind of annoyed me.

Personality: 5 - Liam was pretty bland, and didn't really bring any personal touches to his service.

Aesthetic: 5 - According to indigoskynet, he had a chimp face. Too bad we didn't get the waiter with the longish blond hair and the nice ass.

Comments: No further comments, except to say this is one of my favorite places to dine. The lights are a little low for my taste, but their Spinach Tortellini Florentine and their cannolies (sp?) are just yummy.

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Date:2002-11-22 00:25
Subject:the rateyourwaiter friendslist
Mood: tired

The following are a list of communities that have similar and/or matching interests with rateyourwaiter.

LJ-Cut due to length -- decent size list of communities that might be of interest.Collapse )

There are undoubtedly more than those listed here. Certain topics that appear on the ryw interest list come up with an inordinate amount of responses; and certain topics can be taken in a non-culinary manner, so this'll do for now.

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Date:2002-11-21 21:30
Subject:Welcome to Rate Your Waiter!

If you're just joining us, this community was born tonight out of a conversation during dinner with closer2myself and me.

We decided that we eat out often enough [when money permits] and encounter enough interesting people who wait on us when we do, that rating them would amuse us, and might actually serve a useful purpose to other LJ readers -- so folks know where to go to get great service from great people, and so people know where to avoid the servers who are not doing the best job.

That said, we created rateyourwaiter.

Please read the User Info as it has our rules, our FAQ, and our rate your waiter format style.

The friendslist will be updated shortly with communities that dovetail along with the fact that you've got to go to a restaurant where you get waited on to rateyourwaiter!


Date:2002-11-21 23:45
Subject:Saturday, November 16

NAME OF RESTAURANT: Mozzarella's American Cafe

Location: Galleria Mall, Marietta GA

Your waiter: Shawn

Speed of service: 6 - nothing special one way or the other, and it should've been, as we were only a party of six, and the place was empty, even at lunchtime, near dinnertime.

Accuracy of service: 4. Shawn was not big with the telling people things they should have known before filling their orders. closer2myself ended up having to send her soup back, and I ordered my burger medium rare. Rather than telling me that it was the restaurant's policy to never cook a burger less than medium well, he served it and I found out the hard way biting into a dry, hard hockey puck of a burger. My appetite was ruined by this, and I was too upset to order anything else.

Attention: 8. He was good with the refills and making sure everybody else had what they wanted. He also was good enough to get a manager when I expressed displeasure with the way the burger fiasco went.

Personality: 8. He was friendly and pleasant. I got flirted with, a little.

Aesthetic: 7. I might've flirted back if I hadn't been so disgusted/annoyed with the burger fiasco.

Comments: American Cafe has joined the list of restaurants I will never again order a burger from. I had a bruschetta for an appetizer which was also pretty feeble. Suffice to say this restaurant hasn't really impressed me. The last time we went, they were out of something that was on the menu. To their credit, I did get my bruschetta and my iced tea free because of the burger fiasco, but well, I wanted a burger and there was no way I was going to get an edible one there at that time. You know how it is when you want something in particular, and nothing else will do? That's how that was for me that day with the burger. I could've got one of their pasta dishes, but I wanted a burger.

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Date:2002-11-21 23:35
Subject:From this Summer
Mood: pleased


Location: Atlanta, GA.

Your waiter: photognome

Speed of service: 10. Fast as the kitchen was able to get it to him, he got it to us.

Accuracy of service: 10. I had no complaints at all. I am pretty sure closer2myself was also pleased with her meal.

Attention: 10. Despite the fact that it was like 2 am, photognome was quick to make sure we had everything we wanted. He also was on top of what they were already out of, or became so within seconds of taking our orders.

Personality: 10. It was the middle of the night, like 2 am, and photognome was not only a little ball of sunshine and laughter, but when he heard me say I thought he was huggably cute, he asked me if I really wanted to give him a hug. I did. He also paused to chat me up about my artwork, as I'd brought a sketchbook in with me while we waited. Then he showed me some of his own photos, as well. And we exchanged LJ names, which is how I know he's photognome.

All that plus he made sure my burger was cooked right. "Medium rare! I had to slap it twice to make sure it stayed on the plate, honey!"

Aesthetic: 7. Like I said, huggably cute. I wanted to just cuddle him! Hard to be in a bad mood even if you're in a restaurant in the middle of the night and you're tired and cranky with a waiter who is nothing short of a walking teddy bear.

Comments: The food was really good, though the herbal tea's a bit too out there for my personal taste. The restaurant itself is an eclectic jumble of birds, windchimes, and interesting whirligigs. Your food could get cold while you look at all the interesting stuff all over the restaurant!

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Date:2002-11-21 23:25

Location: Spring St in Atlanta, GA
Your waiter: Toni - A young black woman, mid-twenties. Speed of service: 9 - Food came to us readily.
Accuracy of service: 10 - Our orders were perfect.
Attention: 9 - It was busy and Toni was a bit bogged down. However, she took the time to keep our drinks refilled near constantly, came back to make sure our steaks were cooked correctly, and was willing to check on the specific details of a dessert I was considering ordering.
Personality: 7 - Toni was aight, but didn't particularly spend a lot of time discussing anything personal. She did express her enthusiasm for some of the items on the menu which was nice, and seemed cheerful about serving us.
Aesthetic: 6 - Being generally attracted to guys, I really only notice women if they particularly catch my eye. I'm sure Toni would be considered attractive, but I did not find her looks to have contributed in any way to my dining experience.
Comments: The only thing that marred my experience was the discovery that the table was about 8" off center from where it should have been. This resulted in me standing up to go the bathroom and hitting my head on the faux Tiffany lamp. I nearly did it a second time rising to leave. We mentioned it to our hostess and she was, as indigoskynet put it, 'suitably dismayed'. Still overall, a good dining experience.

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